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Get Control of Your Electrification Project

EV Supervision may be able to help. We specialize in embedded supervisory control solutions for vehicle electrification, such as electric vehicles or hybrid-electric vehicles.

Model Based Software Control


The EV Supervisors Can Help

Matlab Simulink Model

Model Based Embedded Supervisory Control

Rapid control prototyping
Improved conceptualization, visualization, and reusability

Software Stateflow Diagram
Architecture Drawing

Systems Architecture

System level architecture diagrams
Software flow diagrams
Theory of Operations

Verification and Validation

Simulation and functional testing

 Failure mode analysis and response



The EV Supervisors

With experience in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Controls supervisory software and systems architecture, we are here to assist you with your electrification project.

EV Supervision may be able to provide the following services:

  • Model Based Software Control

    • Ground up, feature add-ins to existing models, or model review​

    • Specialized in Motohawk and Raptor rapid prototyping toolchains

  • Systems Architecture

    • Low voltage and high voltage architecture diagrams​

    • CAN communication network testing and integration

    • Software flow or state diagrams for conceptualization and visualization 

    • Theory of operations and specification outlining

  • Software and System Level Verification and Testing​

    • Simulation and functional testing of control software​

    • Failure mode analysis, detection, and response

    • Vehicle data logging, processing, and analysis



Let’s Work Together

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